Bespoke Doors


Lumiere Interiors is the official retailer for the prestigious FOA brand in the UK. 

FOA, a family company, was born on the hills around Parma in 1974.

"The doors FOA produces have glass as their true protagonist and fully express the creativity, design and quality the true "Made in Italy" is based on.

Our vision followed, since our inception, our will to design and produce our goods using glass, wood and metal, as these elements are the cornerstone of Italian handcrafted design.

By means of a specific business decision, we always intended to offer our customers complete door collections, including sliding, pocket-door, folding and swinging doors, themselves available in a variety of models, ranging from the Modern to the Classical ones.

Our Collections express our capacity to join ancient workmanship and modern techniques, having special, unique and timeless results.

FOA is a company to which the markets credit the fact that it has always believed in quality and reliability as the final outcome of their passionate and engaging work."